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Safed Musli

Introduction :

Tulsi Bhatia is the founder of Hiteshi Herbotech Pvt. Ltd.. During various study and research work, he observed "SAFED MUSLI" which was originally grown in dense forests in natural form could grow in our farm also.

He also found that "SAFED MUSLI" has vital natural oil which is a good manure for good & robust health and ideal for mother-hood. It is also used in making Chyawanprash. In our farm, we started cultivating Safed Musli (Hindi Name) which is called in other languages as under.
          BOTANICAL -Chlorophytum borivilianum 
          HINDI        - Safed Musli     

We grow the best quality of Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed  Musli) having high medicinal value and optimum yield capacity. We are the leading producers of Musli in the country with high skilled work force. In our farm, Musli is cultivated on over more than 200 acres of land. We supply best quality of wet & dry Musli.

We have highly skilled staff members, who select the best Musli from the total production which goes for marketing. We take utmost care to give best quality goods at  competitive prices which takes care of good health.

About Safed Musli :
Safed Musli belongs to family of Liliaceae. It was originally grown in dense forest in natural form, and is a traditional medicinal plant. Mainly its tuberous roots are used in ayurvedic medicines. Roots are used for the preparation of nutritive tonic used in general sexual weakness. These roots contain spermatogenetic, spermatorrhoea and chronic leucorrhoea due to chemical contents. It is partly a herb with sub-erect lanceolate leaves. Nowadays, there is a very vast demand all over the world ( specially gulf countries and cold countries). Due to its vast demand it is very costly.
There are around 256 varieties of Chlorophytum known in the world . In India, we have around 17 of them, of which, borivilianum has got a good market demand to in the global market.

Healthy Bunch of Safed Musli
Healthy bunch of safed musli


   1. Name of the crop in Hindi - Safed Musli 
   2. Botanical name - Chlorophytum Borivilianum
   3. Application / Use - Tonic
   4. Growth of roots - Tubberous (Usable part is roots of plants)
   5. Flowering - + P( 3+3 ), A 3+3, G White colour
   6. Chromosomes - 16
   7. Seeds - Black triangular two seeds present in single locule.
   8. Family - Liliaceae

Safed Musli plant after 3 months


  • Safed musli has very good ayurvedic medicinal use.
  • It is rich source of over 25 alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, steroid, saponins, and polysaccarods etc.
  • Presently a number of health tonics (Sexual Tonics) are prepared from it. 
  • It is an essential part of a traditional diet of mothers (after delivery) in the form of "Laddoos".
  • Efforts in countries like U.S.A and U.K. are also on to convert it into chips / flakes to use it as a nutritious breakfast.
  • It also has aphrodiasiac properties.
Farming of SAFED MUSLI

First Stage Safed MusliPlantation
Plantation at 10X12"

Leaves of a Healthy Bunch of Safed Musli
Leaves of a healthy bunch of Safed Musli

Healthy Bunch of Safed Musli
Healthy bunch of Safed Musli

During the last decade, scientific efforts have been made to promote cultivation of musli, which shows that its cultivation is much more profitable than many of the traditional crops.


As musli grows naturally in most parts of Central region of India, the normal climate of the central region suits the crop most and as per practical experience it can also grow successfully in the wide range of temperature and rainfall. Sandy loam soil with proper drainage system facilitates its growth. The complete cultivation has four major parts namely:

  • Land Preparation
  • Plantation
  • Maintenance
  • Harvesing


Land preparation takes almost two to three months

1. Deep ploughing, tillering is must to give land a better pulverization and dryness in the month of March and April.

2. Fifteen twenty trollys of cow dung manure should be mixed in 1 acre of land inthe month of April or May.

3. Raised beds should be prepared (as per planning of plantation) in the end of Month May.

4. All the raised beds should be well irrigated before sowing the planting Material.


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